What is a Contract Management Partner?


Should you work with a professional IT assets and support contract management partner?

Is it time to get rid of your cumbersome collection of spreadsheets for all your IT assets and support contracts? Today our customers are seeking value in a partnership that can provide an in depth understanding of how consolidated technology asset and services/licenses contract management helps them overcome their unique business challenges.

In partnering with a professional organization that provides end-to-end asset and renewal management services, your IT assets and their associated contracts are centralized into a single web enabled platform.The key advantage is your ability to have a quick and comprehensive view of all your hardware and software assets, you warranty coverage dates, support contracts, software licenses and subscriptions. 

Key benefits of using our services and our platform –

  • This service is free of charge to current IT Partners customers
  • All assets and their contracts are consolidated into a single dashboard
  • Training is provided to your organization
  • Let us do the heavy lifting. IT Partners will collect, audit and upload your asset and contract data into our platform
  • Quarterly and Annual reviews are provided to your organization to ensure continued accuracy
  • Accurately forecast your future contract renewal spends
  • Perform analysis and tracking of warranties
  • Synchronize renewal dates for purchasing simplicity and reducing spend
  • Prevent missed renewals and the exposure to an unsupported production asset's failure
  • Make better life-cycle refresh decisions
  • Optimize Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to match unique equipment missions/roles in your business
  • Experience ease of partner communication for additions, deletions and changes to your environment
  • Let us, your partner, do this work and save the valuable time of your IT staff resources
Ask us how we can help you manage all your IT vendor assets and support contracts!
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Wednesday, 26 February 2020