Enterprise Video Intelligence

Video intelligence is giving new business insights by taking your surveillance video and extracting its data. Your business can use actionable intelligence to enhance  security, operations and processes, advancing business outcomes. We will help you design a surveillance solution to capture, platform, store and secure your data and video for maximum results. Transform your video and take advantage of its data’s exponential value.

Video Analytics

Transform your command center with video analytics and turn your video data into actionable intelligence. Access the benefits of reviewing hours of video in minutes, bringing relevant events to the forefront and move your business forward, faster. Gain capabilities that will turn your video surveillance into business outcomes and achieve new levels of success. Below are some of these capabilities include.

Facial Recognition

Identify an individual’s patterns over multiple cameras. Possess the ability to view people’s interactions in space, movements and details of these activities over the span of their presence.

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Object Detection

Filter video through identifying various objects to help narrow down feeds. During situations such as identification, theft, and more, detect and recognize items such as a handheld item, backpack or other objects in a scene. 

Traffic Patterns

Search your video-based on traffic patterns of motorized vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and more. Select options like direction, speed, line mapping and “heat mapping” to see where traffic is more prevalent.

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Investigation Tools

Review hours of video within minutes. Improve post-event investigation productivity through multi-camera search, facial recognition, traffic patterns, pinpointing objects, movements, colors, timing and other specifications of interest. 

Anomaly Detection

The artificial intelligence within the analytic software will begin to learn what is “normal” in your cameras view. When anomalies are detected that are irregular, such as running, climbing, congregating, and more, an alert will be set off and you will be notified.

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Video Management System (VMS) software is the core of an enterprise video intelligence architecture. It enables you to capture, manage store and review video data streams.  Your VMS solution should be open and flexible, seamlessly integrating all of the elements of enterprise video–cameras, infrastructure and analytics–to deliver the enterprise video intelligence capabilities your organization needs.


Video is valuable business data. That realization is driving requirements for enterprise-grade VMS infrastructure that delivers performance, reliability and scalability. Video analytics demand dedicated graphics processing (GPU) resources. Longer video retention and higher-resolution cameras require flexible, scalable storage. And VMS software needs a highly-available, high-performance compute platform. We will create an optimal VMS architecture for you from enterprise-class compute, storage and graphics (GPU) components. 

Transform your video and move forward, faster.