What is Lifecycle Managed Services (LMS)?

Lifecycle Managed Services is our comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure you have the right level of support at the best possible cost over the life of an IT asset.

Over their useful life, assets and their associated support costs can become a financial burden on an organization, requiring increasing time and money to efficiently manage them. Coordinating this approach can save you precious resources.

Our LMS team is ready to help! Through Contrax, a centralized web platform, you can locate and manage all your IT assets, licenses, contracts and agreements, and tie them back to the original vendors throughout their individual lifecycles.

We will help you identify the value of each asset to ensure you are not paying too much, or too little, for support, thus reducing your risk. We help you consider these key questions

  • Do you have accurate data on all your IT assets, including their ages?
  • Have you assigned the right level of support on infrastructure running critical applications?
  • What length of response time can you afford on business-critical assets?
How will this ultimately save you money?  

  • It helps you identify the necessary support levels on your IT assets. This will minimize over or under paying for support, reducing risk.
  • Together, we can develop a strategy of valuating your IT assets and identifying what needs to be spent, maintained, replaced, increased and decreased before it’s time to renew.
How do I start? It’s easy! All it takes is a Letter of Authorization from you that allows us to gather support information from your hardware and software manufacturers.

When should I start? Ideally, you would begin the process 4-5 months before the renewal date(s). This gives us time to complete the LMS workshop and gives your organization ample time to process a purchase order in a timely fashion.

Let us help you become the master of your agreements. Contact us today!
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