Subscription Solutions

As we return to work, protecting your employees and business has never been more crucial. With the help of BriefCam and HPE, IT Partners is empowering companies to safely return to work while developing health precautions for employee and consumer safety. With video analytics, your existing camera infrastructure can be used as a critical tool in ensuring safety, enabling security, and allowing your team to return to work.

Below are a few ways your video’s actionable intelligence can do this:

Contact Tracing

Use facial recognition, appearance similarities and proximity identification to notify at-risk individuals and engage in safety protocols. Individuals can be traced through a multicamera search to pinpoint contact awareness and ensure employee safety.

Social Distancing

Identify physical & social distancing issues through quantifying and analyzing distance between individuals and locations. This feature can help your organization spacing needs are being met.

Face Mask Detection

Identify face mask usage by enabling this attribute filter across your videos. Observe compliance through real-time detection and alerts of when face masks are used, or not.

Foot Traffic Hotspots

Comply with occupancy regulations and promote workplace and public safety by monitoring the number of people in a space, while identifying hotspots and behavior trends.

Oversee Building Cleaning and Sanitization

Ensure your building space is effectively being cleaned and sanitized by enabling count-based alerts in entry ways to notify cleaning crews when a certain number of people have entered any given space.

We have partnered with BriefCam and HPE to develop solutions fit for immediate delivery and integration into your business. Safely return to work and allow your business to move forward…faster.

Get back to work safely and move forward, faster.