Maintenance Contracts

When it comes to lifecycle managed services (LMS), the benefits we bring to you are based on the outcomes YOU want. Our LMS experts will work with you throughout the lifecycle of your IT assets and the variations of your renewals. Exchange complex processes and the overspending of valuable time and money for results like the ones below.

Optimize Support Coverage

Holding a variety of support agreements with high maintenance costs can lead to difficulty keeping renewals aligned and costs low. Through LMS, be able to consolidate agreements, find the right support levels and reduce costs. Effectively manage your assets support by assessing their value and ensuring you are assigning the optimal support. 

Reduce Risk

Experiencing a failure, outage or other disaster is avoidable. Critical assets need critical support. Deploying upgraded maintenance means buying the assurance to avoid these failures. Don’t reduce costs by assigning basic support to your mission critical assets and add risk to the equation. Assess your IT assets value based on their deployment strategy and ensure you are accurately supporting your mission critical assets. With LMS, ease your mind and avoid the risks.

Lower Cost

Not all assets are mission critical. Buying equivalent support based on your mission critical IT assets may seem easy but is inefficient and over-maintaining can increase costs dramatically. It is key to find the right maintenance for the job based on your assets deployment strategy. With LMS, we make it easy to understand the level of support each of your assets require, and in turn, reduce costs.

Centralize IT Assets
With Contrax

Through Contrax, an integrated toolset, you can keep your IT assets live and manageable throughout their lifecycle, while tying them back to their original OEMs. Get started by loading your IT asset information into your personalized Contrax portal and make managing renewals easier than ever before. With Contrax, you’ll never miss a renewal again!

Save Time

Spend less time managing your renewals by allowing us to review your detailed IT asset support information. We will help to identify your appropriate renewal strategy before it’s time to renew so you can do so with confidence. 

Gain the power of LMS and move forward, faster.