High Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC provides massive computing power, along with modeling and simulation capabilities, to turn complex data into digital models that help researchers and engineers understand what something will look like and perform in the real world. HPC also provides optimal performance to run AI and analytics to increase predictability.

These combined capabilities are used to solve challenges ranging from vaccine discovery, fraud detection and weather forecasting to improving designs of cars, airplanes and even consumer products.

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HPC for Manufacturing (CAE)

Manufacturing organizations face rising challenges to remain competitive in an industry that is changing constantly. As computer-aided engineering (CAE) solutions become even more critical to the entire supply chain and product lifecycle, manufacturers need a high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure that can keep pace with business needs. The ideal environment will deliver extreme speed and scalability to manage complex simulation models for the full range of CAE applications. Companies that invest in innovation today will have the ability to accelerate product delivery and maintain a competitive edge.

HPC for Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

HPC enables the EDA cycle from start to finish—from system-level design to logic design, to simulation and layout. Given the enormous cost of committing a design to silicon, projects must be 100% error-free before tape-out. The performance and capacity of the EDA simulation environment directly affects product quality, time to market, downstream support costs, and IT costs—all impacting the bottom line.

A strategic investment in a new or upgraded HPC EDA infrastructure can save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in design, manufacturing, and warranty costs. It can also help reduce corporate risk and provide the additional benefits of enabling more competitive and higher quality products leading to happier end customers and increased revenue and market share.

HPC for Financial Services

High performance computing (HPC) is making a huge difference in the financial services industry.  HPC enables you to ask complex questions of the volumes of data generated across a wide range of workloads—from fraud detection to risk analysis to intelligent trading—and to get those answers faster. These capabilities lead directly to reductions in risk, improved security and an increase in customer satisfaction, creating competitive advantages for your organization. The right high-performance computing architecture can help address these challenges by providing tools to meet some of the most critical demands facing financial services organizations today.

AI/ML for Insights and Innovation

Accelerated computing is the ideal foundation for AI techniques like machine learning (ML) and deep learning, which are transforming entire industries with unmatched speed, precision, and insight. Many organizations are reaping the benefits of these game-changing advancements, including Healthcare and Life Sciences, Energy, Manufacturing, Government, and Financial Services. Whether your organization utilizes AI to run millions of genome sequences, monitor smart factories in different geographies or analyze millions of financial transactions to uncover fraud, you need cutting-edge data management solutions to unleash the full power of AI, gain a competitive advantage, and solve your most complex problems.

HPC-as-a-Service with HPE GreenLake

With HPE GreenLake, you can choose an on-premises HPC solution with all the flexibility, scalability, and utility-like consumption of the cloud. Your organization can increase agility with pay-per-use pricing and preinstalled buffer capacity that is ready to provision when needs grow. Whether demand for HPC resources spikes suddenly or grows steadily, you’re are always ready to meet new needs. You can design your own HPC infrastructure solution within HPE GreenLake using industry leading HPE technologies or standardize HPC services with pre-sized configurations that offer self-service and are managed by HPE GreenLake Managed Services.

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