IT Partners recognizes that a healthy and sustainable environment is beneficial to our society, business and economy. We have incorporated sustainability initiatives to help us dramatically reduce waste before it starts. We also empower our employees with the tools needed to embrace these initiatives and move us toward a more sustainable future. Our sustainability initiatives promote best practices in the workplace. For example, we: 

  • Reduce the use of paper by sharing materials digitally; technology replaces traditional resources for notetaking, presentations, proposals and more 
  • Use online platforms for video/audio conferencing and collaboration to enable a hybrid work motion and reduce unnecessary travel 
  • Carpool with coworkers to meetings and events whenever possible 
  • Replaced all lights with LED bulbs and installed programmable thermostats for energy efficiency 
  • Use refillable water bottles and reusable coffee mugs  
  • Use products made from recycled paper
  • Use environmentally safe soaps and detergents for office cleaning and sanitization 
  • Recycle paper, office supplies and equipment 

Along with our internal green initiatives, we work to bring sustainability into the marketplace with our customers. We take the time to understand their sustainability goals and IT requirements to deliver optimal solutions. Ways we do this include 

  • Identify vendor partners who have sustainability initiatives in place 
  • Encourage customers to leverage the space, power and cooling efficiencies of scale offered by co-location facilities 
  • Recommend solutions incorporating technologies from our partners that minimize power consumption, space and cooling needs 
  • Support customer technology recycling/upcycling policies; provide technology disposition options for customers without a formal program 

Being eco-friendly is a conscious decision and we proudly make it every day!  


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